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Reforestation on the Shore of the West River

Acorns started in my greenhouse under the tangerine tree.

Acorns under the tangerine tree.

Yesterday it was cold and windy, as my cousin and I scurried around like squirrels gathering acorns from the large white and red oaks at Bayfields.  The acorns are already starting to sprout, sending their tap root deep into the cold ground, long before the new green leaves unfurl in the spring.

Today I planted 136 acorns, in flats, in my sun warmed greenhouse, under the tangerine tree.  We will transplant them to Bayfields when the weather warms, because we are reforesting a lot of the lawn.

It will be like our own arboretum!  I can make a tree map.

-Holly Heintz Budd

Bayfields is a bed and breakfast on the West River, in Maryland, with a great view of the Chesapeake Bay. You can learn more, and make your reservations here.

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