Where is Bayfields?

You can make your reservations here.

Map to Bayfields

Map to Bayfields

Holly made this map with the Bing Destination Map Application. “You can create a map in 3 easy steps!”


4 thoughts on “Where is Bayfields?

  1. maria

    I had a lovely time at Robin’s charming home. It was cozy with so many nooks to relax or gather around with friends in. Robin was sweet enough to show us around and offer a drive into town with her. We all biked to a nearby farm stand, harvested oysters from her property and she BBQ them for us all too 🙂 I had a wonderful time.
    There’s so much to do here – kayaking (try this at sunrise, watching the fishermen too), pool, dock to go crabbing , hammocks to read/ take naps in, screened in porch on the main level to relax in, kayak or bike to a restaurant and eat on the dock … Visit\ feed a horse, sheep and goat (they are all so sweet) … The list goes on. I met lovely guests while I stayed here too. We all came together and had a wonderful time. Robin even invited me to join her and her friends for dinner one night 🙂 Though, if you are coming here for a quiet retreat, don’t worry, you can get just that too. Robin and her partner are very mindful of your space and if you ever need to ask any questions, she’s available.
    I fell in love with their sweet pooch, Petey, too.
    I couldn’t have asked for a better place. Thank you for the lovely time and cozy home, Robin. Xoxo

    PS you should hold yoga retreats here!

    • bubblescubed

      Thank you very much for staying with us. I do have a yoga instructor that says he’d be glad to hold a yoga class here for you. Just let us know when you’d like to return and we’ll be sure to make the yoga arrangements.

  2. Theresa C

    We have a special needs (3-legged) dog about 60 pounds. He can do steps as long as there aren”t too many and they aren’t slippery. What is your pet policy? Thanks!

    • bubblescubed

      HI Theresa,
      We don’t usually allow dogs, mostly because our little dog Petey becomes very territorial when he discovers other doggy smells. We occasionally allow small female dogs because Petey is more accepting of them.
      That said, we have very high ceilings, which add to the number of steps to get to the bedrooms. There are 18 steps to the 2nd floor bedrooms and 14 more steps to the 3rd floor bedrooms. They aren’t carpeted and can be slippery.
      As much as I’d like to, I’m afraid our house may not be a match for your dog.
      Best wishes,

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