Hansel and Gretel

As children, while visiting with our grandparents, we'd go up to the 3rd floor to look in the costume trunk.

As children, while visiting with our grandparents, we’d go up to the 3rd floor to look in the costume trunk.

The Hansel and Gretel was the second room in Bayfields to get a name.  My brother’s bunk beds came to me years ago, adorned with goofy stickers (Wacky Packages Topps bubblegum stickers) that looked like they were straight out of Mad Magazine.  I liked the warped sense of humor of the stickers, many were spoofs on advertisements from that era, and I can almost hear my brothers chuckling as they placed each new one up on their headboards.

The room in which I assembled the bunk beds is also on the 3rd floor, opposite from the Rapunzel. I remember playing there with my siblings, digging through an old trunk filled with costumes, masks, and hats.  Later, my own kids would climb up there for games of Hide and Seek, or to play Sardines(reverse hide and seek).  The thought of playful siblings makes me think of Hansel and Gretel, giving me the idea for it’s name.  I should clarify that although both Hansel & Gretel(as well as Rapunzel) were stories of captive children, you will not be captive, only captivated:

For the view from the Hansel -n- Gretel, through the newly installed vinyl window overlooks the beach, kayaks, dock, flagpole, and the balcony off the two rooms below.  You can see both the creek, river, and bay from this one little window.

I decorated the room with some old children’s books, a collection of ancient post cards, wooden carvings of my grandfather and his uncle, plus a handmade U.S.A. wooden wall puzzle that can be taken down to play with.  Each bed has a two new pillows, matching plaid blue/green down comforters, and the assortment of unusual stickers(since this post, we’ve replaced the bunk beds with one twin maple bed, and one full memory foam maple bed).



To add comfort for our guests, in this room we’ve installed a lighted ceiling fan, extra outlets, as well as one outlet with USB ports for charging your portable electronics.  The high speed internet is available even on the top floor, making it easy to remain connected.  We refinished the hardwood floors, and gave the room a coat of paint.  Each bed has it’s own lamp for night time reading.

Click here if you would like to reserve a room.

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